The Power of Please

please mr. pandaWe live in “gimme now” times.

Our children follow our examples of wanting things right away. Patience is something we all need to practice, our children included. One of my daughter’s favorite books is about a Panda who goes around offering doughnuts to others animals. I think part of why she likes the book is how I chose to read it…and that it has donuts. The facial expression on the panda looks bored or monotone, so that’s the way I read it.  At first, when you read the book you may not get why he offers a doughnut and then changes his mind. What all the other characters are missing is a small word—Please.
This would be a great story to read to your class at the beginning of the school year or even as a refresher for when your child(ren) start to forget their manners.

My little one loved this book to pieces, literally, so we now have the board book which should last a lot longer…hopefully.


Follow-up activities for this book:

  1. grab some construction paper and students/children make faux donuts.
  2. Use play dough and round mason jar tops (or any round tops) to make donuts
  3. practice writing the word please in sentences.
  4. Practice saying the word please (Best used with “May I…” and maybe going to the local donut shop to help with practicing please!)
  5. Make donuts and make your kids say “Please” if they want sprinkles or other toppings.

Got milk? Just kidding! Got any more ideas for this book? Comment below!

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