I’ve got a Question for that

Google board, kid's questions

I’m so flattered that my class thinks I’m smart enough to answer any and every question they throw at me.

Truthfully, I tell them, I don’t know everything. During our Science lessons my students bombard me with questions about our world that I don’t have answers for.

A colleague of mine told me how she uses a Google board-a place where students can put their questions on a sticky note and then stick them to the board. At the end of the day or week, depending on class time, she researches the questions for the students.

I had heard of and used a “Parking Lot” before in my post graduate teacher trainings. The ” Parking Lot” is similar to a “Google Board” except the students can use sticky notes to ask the teacher questions.

I had already implemented the Parking Lot in my classroom this year. I would usually try to answer their questions at the end of the day if we have time. I do tell them that they must limit their questions to one a day ( I had to put this rule in place because one of my students used up all of my sticky notes just writing questions). I also will not read a sticky note if it is not written in proper question form-uppercase beginning letter and question mark at the end. If the question is redundant, I won’t read that one either and the sticky note goes in the recycle bin.

Whenever, I come across a sticky note that I can’t answer, I place it on the Google board to be answered at the end of the week. In the picture you can see that my Google board is covering a window. Now I absolutely love natural light, especially in my classroom. However, this school year I was blessed with 3 big beautiful windows and because of my class size, a group of my students were going end up near that window. Everyday I had to make threats for them to get away from the window and pay attention. So after talking to my co-worker about her Google Board,  I decided to place my mine over one of my extra windows.

The window is not only eye-catching but it serves more than one purpose. Do you have a wall or place where students can ask you questions? What’s your method?


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