DIY Lunchable

Let’s be honest…


those yellow sectioned-off containers of food are an easy grab and super convenient. However, I know a lot of mom’s want to offer something a little more healthier and well-balanced. Kids also like finger-food and options (alot like us adults do too).  So my solution was to use my silicone cupcake liners and place finger foods in each one that I know my kiddos will eat. I did not use any Bento Box as the cupcake liners fit in the Ziploc containers very well. You don’t have to use silicone cupcake liners, paper ones will do just fine.

Fruit: One of my babes likes blueberries while the other likes strawberries. Other options could be sliced apples, mango, raspberries, watermelon, basically any fruit that you can chop and fit in the liners. Note: If you use  paper liners, the fruit might soak the liner.

Meat: I chose turkey. Of course ham, leftover rotisserie chicken, roast beef or even tofu cubes will suffice. The key is just to get a meat that they can pick up with their fingers.

Cheese: I buy mild cheddar block cheese and cut them into little rectangles (easier than it sounds). I think now Sargento offers cheese already chopped like this or you can use cheese squares too. Find a cheese that your kid(s) like and get to cuttin’!

Crackers: The options are endless with this. Don’t like Ritz? Try Triscuits, Club crakcers, Town House, Animal Crackers, Crisps or Saltines. Go with the cracker your child likes best.

Bottom line: The cupcake liners add flair and color to their lunch and the finger foods make it easier for them to choose what to put in their tiny mouths first.

What do you put in your kids lunch?

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